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The One Team offers Blockchain based solutions to empower your business.

What We Do


The One Team specializes in software development, specifically focusing on blockchain technology that originated from Bitcoin. However, blockchain technology goes further than just cryptocurrency, as it offers endless applications that can make your business more efficient and give you an edge on your competition. Allow us to develop a unique, custom blockchain based application specifically tailored to you.


Allow The One Team to create the code for your blockchain based application, while offering comprehensive reports during the development period. With backend developers and graphic design experts, the final product will both function flawlessly and look stunning, as we focus on setting the standard in the blockchain industry.




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Who We Are

The One Team is a group of qualified professionals who have come together to apply their talents as a unified global development group.

The One Developer

The One Developer

Project Manager
  • A curiosity-driven self-taught developer who is an expert in many programming languages, from the low-level Assembly to the high level C# and Python.
  • Worked on many projects, from stand-alone programs for small businesses, to web-based hotel and travel booking platforms.
  • Collaborated on Telemedicine projects and on an interactive bot project for museums.
  • Currently focused on BlockChain projects, Including the successful launch of Obsidian coin and the rebranding of PoSW coin (WIP).

  • Duplox


    Senior Programmer
    • Technical Engineer in Computer Science.
    • Analyst and Software Designer.
    • Programmer in C, C++, ASM (Z80,6502, 6800x, 80x86), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Pascal (Delphi - Lazarus), SQL, PHP and Basic.
    • Linux and Windows administrator.
    • Digital electronics hardware developer.

    • Mr Smith

      Mr Smith

      Senior Software Developer
      • Technical Engineer in Computer Science.
      • Experience in multiple fields: GIS, IoT, BIG Data, transactional and Android mobile applications and human interfaces.
      • Skilled in several programming and mark-up languages.

      • Gatuno


        Senior Programmer
        • Senior software engineer, always at the forefront of cutting edge technologies: robotics, IoT, Blockchain, AR...
        • So obviously, he loves talking about such things.
        • Therefore and without any doubt, a person to avoid at a boring party.

        • Fortas


          Systems Administrator and programmer
          • Technical Engineer in Computer Science.
          • Expertise leading projects related to identity management and other in-house infrastructures.

          • Kalimero


            Graphic Designer (Art of Walls)
          • Graphic Designer and Computer Artist with a long experience in Branding and corporate image.
          • Skilled in both Photoshop and Illustrator.
          • Web Developer with an artistic touch.

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